Will they change the All Blacks?

A top goalscorer for the New Zealand Football (NZF) says that he’s surprised about news of a potential nickname change. It is reported by NZF to have talked with stakeholders and encouraged feedback, which may lead it to make changes in its cultural inclusivity.

A former New Zealand soccer player, Vaughan Coveny, is confused by the decision to remove his team’s name and logo. “I am a bit of traditionalist,” he says in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. He goes on: “Will they also then change the All Blacks?”

“I’ve always known the national soccer team as The All Whites,” Coveny said. “From childhood, I saw them in every World Cup and Olympics competition.”

When New Zealand’s national team was about to compete in the 1982 World Cup, they wore white uniforms for their first qualifying game. As a result, it became known as ‘the all whites’.

New Zealand Football (NZF) has announced that the New Zealand men’s national soccer team will no longer be playing in black shorts and white socks. In their place, the teams will play with a new color scheme: red shorts and white tops to go along with an entirely new name – All Whites. This change comes after increased pressure from Maori groups who demand representation of indigenous cultures on all fronts including sport.

Previously, The New Zealander’s wore mostly black short-shorts while playing at home games as well as wearing either long or knee length pants when traveling abroad for matches played outside during winter months where it was colder than usual weather conditions down under.. Subsequently they adopted what would become known colloquially by fans.

We have launched a Delivery and Sustainability Project to make sure our organization is fit for purpose in 2021. We are currently working with people from outside football as well as stakeholders across the game, looking at all areas of the organization.”

It’s too early in the process to speak about any outcomes but this is an important piece of work as we strive to be Aotearoa New Zealand’s most inclusive sport, says a representative for The Crusaders. Last year, they were forced drop their logo because it was deemed offensive by some viewers due its reference towards religious crusaders from centuries ago; however since there has been fan opposition against changing said name so they have decided not to change that either despite pressure.

The teams in the United States that have dropped their offensive team names include Washington Football Team and Cleveland American League baseball franchise. They had previous nicknames considered to be derogatory toward Native Americans, but are now changing them for good reason.

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