Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United

Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United has made him the highest paid player in Premier League history, Telegraph Sport understands.

Manchester City was attempting to sign Ronaldo from Juventus but he will now play for his former club instead who sensationally highjacked their attempts and signed him on a deal worth up $38 million.

Manchester United shocked the world by signing their former player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The club had just lost to Manchester City in a heated derby match when they announced that they signed one of the best players ever for $38 million on a four year contract.

In order to earn nearly as much money per week as two of his new teammates, Ronaldo’s contract was reportedly reduced from the $1.6 million a week it could have been worth (not including bonuses and image rights) down to around only half that amount—$780k/week total. This still earns him more than Messi ($2M), who joined PSG for free but made an average salary at Barcelona earlier this month which is slightly higher than Varane’s earnings with United did last year.

Sanchez’s move to Old Trafford from Arsenal in 2018 proved a huge flop and he left United last year. This was after the Manchester club agreed on a £9m ($17.6 million) settlement so that they can get rid of him off their books, which is what Sanchez really wanted too as Inter Milan took notice of this act by buying his rights at no cost or charge whatsoever for them during the summer transfer window 2019.

United have agreed a deal worth £100 million with Juventus to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. United will pay an initial fee of $25.2 million, and up to another $13.4 if the club meets certain performance-based achievements throughout his contract at Old Trafford such as winning Premier League titles or Champions Leagues trophies over the course of his 5 year contract which begins in September 2018 before he returns home for international play where fans can expect him back by Sept 11th when they face Newcastle on opening day next season.

City’s owners have decided to make an exception for Ronaldo and allow him to join their club. The deal came about after City resolved they could not let a game-changing signing or one of the most revered former players in Manchester United history, sign with them.

Ferdinand had been one of the first people contacted when word got out that he might be leaving Real Madrid at the start of this week and was part of those who organized behind closed doors on Glazer’s orders as well as being happy to take less money than his agent Jorge Mendes demanded for such an important transfer which would effectively secure another league title win next season.

Even though Ronaldo was born in Madeira and spent his formative years at Sporting Lisbon, there is a sense of him “coming home” by returning to United as both the player and Solskjaer get what they need. The commercial team also gets arguably the greatest player on earth along with an experienced goal-getter for their side. Although Brady had been brought into teach young athletes how to win, her role will only expand further now that she has added one more athlete onto her list.”

The creation of a fan advisory board, talks over a fan share scheme and the arrival of Sancho and Varane would have been viewed through Ronaldo. He’s one of United’s most storied No 7 after all.”The talk about the importance of history in this wider debate with City would’ve gone out the window had one their most-storied number seven rejected them for rivals,” said an anonymous source.
In fact, such things didn’t happen: now it is up to Ronaldo be like Tom Brady who “just has that knack”.

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