Auckland Rugby History

The Auckland Rugby Union is a governing body for the New Zealand rugby union. Their colors are white and navy blue in a striped design, which have been associated with their team known as “The Blues” from 1887 to present day. The ARU made its first appearance at domestic competiThe Auckland Rugby Union has been tasked with managing the leading body of United Rugby, which is responsible for helping to govern operations in New Zealand.

Their colors are white and navy-blue, striped design. The ARFU rules over the management of representative teams from within Auckland that have achieved domestic success 16 times above any other team throughout their history – most recently 2007’s victory. They also serve as a major feeder club for Blues Super rugby challenge participants who play there too!

The Auckland Rugby Football Union was formed in 1884 and is currently coached by Paul-Feeney. This union also manages the entire rugby club inside the region, comprising Gallaher Shield and more senior players. In addition to this responsibility, it’s accountable for school rugby as well. The New Zealand Rugby Football Union came into existence officially when it merged with Canterbury, Otago & Wellington in a fledgling attempt at uniting teams from these regions together.

Aucklander’s rugby union teams have a long history of success and hold many records like the most national championships, longest streak at number one in their domestic league, largest amount of international caps for players born there. They are also known to be highly competitive with other regions when it comes tournaments or matches against them which is why they host both the Blues (professional) team as well as Super Rugby games that involve regional competition.

Golden Durations

There have been many brilliant eras within the group’s records. For example, from 1897 to 1901, they went undefeated for six seasons under Sir Vincent Meredith and there was a groundbreaking run in the early twenties called “The Golden Generation” written by Don Cameron in 1983.

Sir Wilson Whineray describes his time captaining Auckland as a pleasure, drama and fever that changed Eden Park into an oasis of magic during the winter from 1960 to 1963. It also includes their incredible undisturbed spell of achievement throughout 1982 until 2007 when they won the Air New Zealand Cup. They were awarded 16 out 26 available titles in this period which included 61 Ranfurly Shield defences between them making it one of history’s greatest periods for any rugby team ever!

The early 2000s were also a golden age. Auckland won more than half of the NPC and five South Pacific Championships in this period, as well as winning team of the year at Halberg Awards twice during this time frame (1992-2007).

The Ranfurly Shield Years

In 1902, Auckland became the first team to hold onto The Ranfurly Shield. They defended it 153 times and won 194 shield matches during that time period for a record of success unmatched by any other provincial union in New Zealand’s history. This was between 1905 – 1913 when they went on an achievement win streak of 23 consecutive victories!

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